Rapid Fulfillmentcosmetics

We ordered some cosmetics from Skintec in December 2016 and we were charged - although there were 2 payments on our Visa account for far more than what we were led to believe. We were charged again in January 2017 for another instalment from Moleskin - I knew it was the same company as the same order number appeared on our Visa statement against each name. Another parcel arrived from Rapid Fulfillment (which we have not ordered) and I believe this is the same company. This time from USA. Skintek and Moleskin are from Australia. We have not opened the latest parcel and will send it back to them. I have written 2 complaints to these people but haven't heard anything back and also requested a refund and to stop sending cosmetics etc. I would appreciate any action on this. Many thanks

Jan 31, 2017

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