Randy's Wooden Toys (Randy Hartman) On Facebook / Internet licensing and copyright fraud through google play store... Hackers

1 Stillwater Oklahoma, US

Over the past 3-4 months every time I installed a dating app from Google playst o re on my Android this man and possibly others hacked into the backside and answered my inquiries. I'm certain my ex wife and her siblings are primarily involved. I've since replaced my phone reset gmail and changed to a difficult 16 digit password. After downloading 2 different dating apps. all the while having encrypted my sim card and running a factory data reset. it is evident they are still present in my cyberspace. These people need to be stopped. My 5yr old daughter is in her custody. Breaking federal laws to drag the church to the bench will not score any points in court. Please help me shut them down. In the meantime I will report to the FBI again. Sincerely Daniel Ray Robertson

Mar 25, 2017

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