RANDYRUN .COM or RANDYRUN or David Schikor Review ReviewsFRAUD! SCAM! ILLEGAL!



1). They don't deliver your gold
2). They don't pay their affiliates

Our story (review reviews)

Randyrun offered an affiliate program where they paid their affiliates a % of each order you refer to them. After sending them months of traffic, they refused to pay the affiliate commission. After multiple attempts, I finally got ahold of someone who said that they pay every 90 days, and so I waited. After 90 days expired, no payment, and when I try to contact the support or anyone, they close the chat.

After speaking with many people, this company seems to be having major financial problems, and maybe filing bankruptcy.

Furthermore, I spoke with dozens of individuals who said this company is fraud, they never deliver gold, if you give them a hard time, they will keep your money, and one customer said he bought 3 accounts and they were all banned within a week after they bought them, refused to refund him saying it was his fault. There are also posts how they REFUSE to pay their gold farmers, so they constantly have to switch suppliers.

The owner of course David Schikor at [protected] refuses to comment or resolve the issues.

Suggested websites:, etc.

Go to them, they are reliable, and have a clean history.

Overall, my experience is bad, and they still owe us upwards to 15k in funds.

So when you're thinking of buying from randyrun, do yourself a favor and run away before you are scammed as well.

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