Randstad USAFraudlent Business Practices-they are even allegedly doing to it to NY State!

Randstad USA is a merged company of many other staffing companies that they bought over the years-Technisource, Sapphire Technologies, etc.-and, from what I know, they also absorbed the employees that practice bad business every day, too. From what I've heard, they like to do the "bait and switch" exercise (promise you one job and even give you a signed and company-executed rate agreement with the "fake" role name on it, etc.), have allegedly committed tax fraud against NY State (I heard they report unemployed people in NY who come for interviews as "back to work", even if they don't hire them for internal or external work-NY is giving tax breaks to employers who put people on unemployment back to work), and I'm sure the rest of the list is endless). You can also look any company's civil case history up on your state's public access civil case database by going down to your local county court and go to the civil division to view it. They are also listed on dockets.justia. com-alone and with other companies-as defendants in some big labor cases. I think this speaks for itself...

Dec 26, 2014

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