Randolph Maya LLC / Big scam

Randolph Maya LLC is a big scam. I know 7 good home owners Not LIars) that were ripped off by Randolph Maya LLC. As described by other other people in this forum he has methodically taking peoples monies. Big bucks, 48, 500 from me 17 thousand from another neighbor, 16 thousand from another, 35 thousand fronm another and who knows how many more. I have all the proof in the world. He did exactly the same thing from every body. He did the roofing dry-in in order to get his second deposit and that was the end of his job. He did not ansered the phone, did not pay to many of his subcontractors (one ponched him in the mouth when he was in coral springs), he wrote bad checks to the city of Coral Springs department, did not pay the rent on the the office that he opened in Boca Raton. I will not st op pursuing this case until I get my mony back. That is even if I have to spend more money in lawyes. I'm trying to get in touch with as many people as I can to present a case to the right authorities. As I writte these lines I don't see a way to communicate with other victims via this forum But I will continue searching...


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