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Regarding Property 197 Peru St perris 92570
Today 9/10/2009 the water service was disconnected from my property
I told randee that i will start working today on the property,
after talking to the City of Perris 101 N. “D” Street 2270 Trumble Rd.
[protected]) 943-4610
after hour service, i was told that Ranch Town Real Estate called 8/09/2009 to cancel the water service to the home for 8/10/2009. I was never notify or had the a ability to go get the city connecting the water back under my name.
since i don’t have any recording paper from the escrow company, my home have no running water till monday (city close friday).
i have two crow member staying at the home and my project renovating the home, will have to be delay
the home is in high risk of fire since is vacant and have many hazard issue.

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