Ramada Worldwide / unethical and illegal activities

Ramada Mezona, United States

I have a family member who works for ramada mezona in mesa, az. Because this employee would fear losing their employment I am submitting this complaint in hopes of ramada doing the right thing.

First of all, those in authority, specifically one of the bosses, (rocky) uses intimidation and bully tactics. These employees are extremely hard workers and are understaffed but are required to maintain a standard of cleanliness in the rooms. When they are not up to "par" they are threatened to lose several days of work or to lose their job, even though there is not enough people to do the job.

Secondly, staff are not given breaks or lunches which is clearly against the law.

Lastly, illegal aliens are employed at this location and are being paid "under the table".

I would suggest ramada seriously investigate these concerns and force your leadership to abide by the standards wyndham professes to hold, such has social responsibility. This is just plain unacceptable and should not even be said of this company. Attention really needs to be given to this unless wyndham wants to be exposed in a bad light.
Thanks for your time.

Feb 5, 2019

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