Ralphs Supermarket on Weyburn in Westwoodracism and falsely accused of theft by male caucasian posing as emplyee

August 1st. 2018 after midnight into 1 or 2 in the morning. I j. gardner walked into the store purchase few items as I have done many many time before. but this day and time was clearly out of of the blue. a male caucasiion walk up behind in the isle s as I looking granulated sugar. he immediately said can I help youi said iam looking for a box of sugar do youknow what isle its on. he said wait I will find out. he comes and said on isle 16. he than turn to walk away but comes back as I saw I needed som cayenne pepper and turmeric from the spice rack. all of a sudden he was looking at me strange and said don't put that in your pockect. I was not sure I heard him right because I heard a slur in his speech, so I said excuse what did you say he repeated himself as he toi called my auch his pockets refering to me as a theft of stealing spices. I was so shocked my blood pressure went up and I began trembling a little and dropped the pepper to the floor. I told him he was a rasict and not to accuse of stealing he also inform arfrican ammerican security garud and started laughing about with her. I ask for the manager of the store and really did not who was who. at first a male latino was manger working on the floor than as I got to register a latino lady came over and said she was the manger. thet never approach male except to let me know he was not an employee of ralphs. than why was he asking me can I help you? why? I called a attorney because he never told to leave the store and your emplooyees knew him but fake as though they did not. no one was in the isle when this monster approach me. I am a 65 year old woman wiht medical conditions and you allowed this racist to walk threw the store possing as an emplyee. what kind of fool do you think I am. this will go viral. everyone will feel the racial attack upon me and false accusations of theft in a store I have been over and over again but will never set foot in there again.

Aug 02, 2018

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