Ralphsralphs steals customer money and sexually harasses customer

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Ralphs steals customer money and store night manager sexually harasses customer & is beyond rude

Today customer (C) asks to return item at ralphs around 12 15 am today. Store is open 24 hours. Janet carlisle, night store manager (Sm) asks for receipt. C shows receipts. Sm says can give store credit only and says there is no ralphs club card. C asks why no refund as paid. Sm replies there because of high amount. C says well i paid for it and want money back not store credit. Sm says its policy. C asks to see policy. Sm says its night policy. C asks for sm name. Sm has name tag with first name and last name but hides it from c and refuses to tell last name to c and says just use my first name. C asks for last name since it appears on tag. Sm harasses c tells him not to look at her tag because it is on her chest. C is male and gay. Sm does not know that c is homosexual. C find offensive, unprofessional and harassing that sm mentions her chest when in fact c requested her name from her. C goes to another store employee and asks him if he can please find out what sm last name is.

Store employee tells customer but while he does that sm starts yelling in front of all customers her last name. As c is leaving the store, sm starts yelling loudly while c is walking out: "make sure to tell them it was after midnight" and other comments.

Conduct is unprofessional towards all customers and other employees and sm sexually harasses c and this is unacceptable.

C calls corporate office executive offices and nothing happens. Ralphs steals the customers' cash. Better to shop at vons or albertsons or other store instead.


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      Sep 25, 2009

    ralphs food4less kroeger and many more stores owed by the same company are stealing from the customers and there own employees also committing tax fraud there stores are filthy also make sure you also check for out of dates items there hispanic employees seem to not understand english which ive worked for many years for this company and find alot of out of date items i have alot of info on this company which will be revealed at another time

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