RalphRoku Telephone Customer Service

I had a terrible experience with Roku's telephone customer service. I bought a Roku stick at a local electronics retailer. I followed the instructions for installation and setup, including establishment of a password. However, when I was asked for this password a few minutes later, Roku did not recognize it. Thinking I had made some error, I went throught the process a second time and established a different password. Again, Roku did not recognize this new password when I entered it later. I called Roku's customer service number. After asking me a number of questions, Roku's customer service agent told me that he was going to put me on hold for a minute while he "contacted the engineers." When he came back, he asked me a couple more questions, then put me on hold again while he contacted the engineers again. When he came back, he told me that this was not a Roku problem, that this is a problem with my computer, that "someone" had gained access to my computer yesterday and was changing my Roku password whenever I entered it. Whoever this "someone" was though, they were only doing this with my Roku password. All my other login passwords worked fine. I was very suspicious about this. I became even more suspicious when the Roku representative said to me, "We can fix this for you though, for $149".

There is nothing wrong with my computer. No one has gotten into it, no one is changing my Roku password. I am surprised that a well-established company like Roku would be a party to a scam like this.

I terminated the call and returned the Roku stick to the retailer where I purchased it.

Jul 29, 2016

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