I had a coupon for $1.99 for a rallys cheese burger combo (small) . I told the driver thru cashier twice before I started my order and after I finish it was a coupon deal . she said ok drive to the window. I was still charged $4.63. What made me notice I had the wrong order was when I went home and bit into the sandwich that had two meats. I call and the manager told me to bring the order back . So when I got there it was no smiley face and bad attitude like it was my fault. Now the refund was done. And still haven't received my money and I had to give back the food too. So now im lost out on both sides. And this restaurant the LaPlace, La 70068 on airline hwy 61. Something need to be done and I need to be quickly it been 7 days since the matter happen.

May 07, 2017

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