Raising Asia / Exploitation of children

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There have been shows I personally do not like and I feel are pushing the limit, but this show is more about the exploitation of a child who is 8 years old without any proper boundaries and a family that is not assuring her proper education. I am an educator and happen to have a son, who turned out to be a professional dancer and choreographer and attended one of the top schools AFTER High School to get a degree in Dance from this conservatory and has worked with the elite companies in the world and toured as well and still does. He and others like him who attend the top conservatories for dance DO NOT need to be exploited as children to become successful. They need good education and good training of basic dance forms and when older then they move on. I think Lifetime TV should start putting the value of our children into the equation rather than a possible rating.

Aug 18, 2014

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