Raintree Village 2008-9 Board of Directors / Pay Their Personal Legal Bills with Association Money

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In 2007 a group of Raintree Homeowners filed a lawsuit against the Board of Directors to gain control of the Association. They were successful and took control January 2008. Since this time they have not done anything to collect unpaid assessment money owed to the Association and currently as of August 2009, $29, 000 is owed in unpaid assessments. 90% of the homeowners who supported them in the lawsuit had a history of not paying their HOA & water assessments.

This board has not spent and time or money collecting unpaid assessments during 2008-9 but the financials show they have spent over $13, 000.00 of Raintree money on attorney bills they acquired prior to becoming board members.

Current Raintree Village Homeowner

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