Rainsoft Water / poor customer service

5644 Kearney Mesa Rd #A, San Diego, CA 92111, San Diego, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (858) 273-5651

I purchased a $4000 water softener system from Rainsoft Water that has a lifetime same owner warranty. It has continually had problems with my driveway and plants getting flooded out and plants dying from the salt, the system keeps cycling day and night, etc. I brought this issue up to the owner, Marc Cohen, who bought all rights and exclusive monopoly servicing within the San Diego County. Neither Marc or his staff have looked for the problem, they only say no trouble found and run before it happens again. His fix is for me is to pay $2600 to replace the system with another one which he says has not failed yet. He has identified that the old systems were constantly causing problems with other customers who have paid the $2600 to get a new system installed, yet he is not willing to forgo his profit from the $2600 rate that he is hoping every customer will shell out.
Be very careful about buying from him. He is nice when it comes to selling you the system just like a new car salesman but once something goes wrong you will see the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde come out and your system will not be fixed. You will continue to pay service fees of $89.50 a pop... Beware!

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