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rainey hill ranch horse / scamed me on lame horse

1 nedrow, NY, United States Review updated:

I bought a Tennesse Walker from the woman who runs the Rainey Hill ranch.he was 9 years old and was named Zar . I was told that she had ridden him bareback and under saddle and that she had him for a while but she was a rescue and needed to make room. I asked alot of question's but I guess not the correct ones. I found out that he needed a Coggin test and that he could not be shipped in New York without one. She told me, he came from a childrens riding stable that closed in P.A, and she knew that he had been given a Coggins test in order to come to New York but was not sure where it was. So I told her what i Was looing for in a horse.and she told me he would make a great trail horse. Because I live up by Otter Creek in New York and that is all state trail ways for horses . Well I got him home and got his shots done and a new Coggin (Neggtive thank god ) got him to the stable where he would be for the summer. This was in February so i could not ride him up here in the snow and the Vet said to get some weight on him anyway befor i road him. I had the Farrier come out and he was looking at his legs and saw some things that troubled him and the same with the owner of the stable. I saddled him and got on for a small ride around the out door ring and thats when the trouble begain. As I tried to ride him his right leg folded under me. I called my vet right away and she did a full check up of his leg and found out that he was stifled, and that it was bad and it is was an old injury. that she had to know about it if she ridden him at all . it can not be fixed its now bone on bone. and he will never be ridden again. And then I found out thrugh some pepole at my vets and other places that she is know for doing this to other pepole . So i hope someone will read this befor thay buy a hores from this woman so thay can have the horse of thair dreams and so know more hoses or hopfully no one gets hurt . Merlin is what I named him. he will have to be on drugs and vitims for the reast of his life as. A pasture horse for what time he has left he will never hold anyone agin

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  • Al
      21st of May, 2009
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    DATE: May 21, 2009:
    The woman that owns Rainey Hill Ranch - Lori Lorini - tries to pass herself off as a "horse rescue operation". When in fact she is nothing more than a horse dealer that buys horses for cheap at auctions, brings them back to her 2 acre "ranch", and then turns around and sells them at bargain basement prices for a quick turnaround profit. As of this date she has a horse's picture listed on her website for sale named "Fancys Magic Moment". The Auction Sales Tag is clearly shown on the horse's hind hind (photo attached) which BTW are cemented down. There is also another photo of a horse she has for sale "Mouse" tied up to a chain link fence. A picture is worth a 1000 words. She had advertised recently that she was getting horses in on May 16th. MEANING: Getting them from an auction. All one needs to do is scroll around her website and read where she states under the section: DO'S AND DON'TS which proves this lady is a scammer:

    ??Some Common questions??

    Can I make payments? No ! I am a small business and need to repurchase horses to continue my ability to sell at low prices .

    Deposits -Deposits on horses are NON-REFUNDABLE! NO EXCEPTIONS! 10% min $100.00

    A DEPOSIT WILL HOLD HORSE FOR 5 DAYS ONLY !Horse will not be "held" unless a non refundable deposit of $100.00 is made or 10% of the cost of the horse which ever is greater

    Terms- Payments must be made in full within 5 days . BY CASH. NO CHECKS!

    Fees -Any horse left more than 2 days will be charged A $5.00 PER DAY BOARD FEE

    Trials- Do you do trials ? NO !!!

    Trucking- Trucking is NOT included in the price of the horse. I DO NOT TRUCK! No exceptions !!! I can give you the names of horse transporters

    Guarantees Is this horse guaranteed ? Again No! ONLY god Knows what is going to happen from day to day I can guarantee this horse only as it stands on our property .

    With any Live Animal It Is IMPOSSIBLE To GUARANTEE what it will do when you change its home, rider tack, circumstances, feed, owner, etc ... I make every effort to tell you everything we know, but I have not owned these animals all their lives, they are purchased for resell, so we can only tell you what I know.

    Vaccinations Does the horse I am buying have all its shots? Most of the time they do not have records with shots. If they do you will receive them with the horse, I do worm all horses coming in and try to have their feet trimmed. These again, are bought for resale, so rabies, 4 way, etc is not required to be done. Only a coggins is mandatory in NY.

    All Sales are Final !

    No Cash Refunds, Sorry NO exceptions!


  • Al
      21st of May, 2009
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    Let me try attaching those photos again. One of the horse with the auction sales tag and the other one tied up to a chain link fence at Ms. Lorini's "RANCH"

  • Al
      21st of May, 2009
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    Here are the pictures of "Mouse" tied up to a chain link fence at Rainey Hill "Ranch" . If she was a rescue operation as she tries to fool everyone, the ASPCA would be on her ### in a minute.

  • Sa
      22nd of Mar, 2010
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    I was browsing online and I would like to comment about this ranch. I have known this owner for years and bought two great horses from her. My first horse was an arabian and he was a great horse. My other horse that I bought from her was a morgan/Qh mare, that one of a kind horse. I had her for 18 years until she passed this past summer. She was the best horse i could have asked for and I miss her dearly. I know the owner of the farm does love horses, she does take some out of unfortunate situations to find them new homes, and who cares if some horses come from an auction. Some great horses get passed along through the auction that need loving homes. My mare was underfed before she bought her and no she did not own her long, maybe a month or so, but so what. I don't really care where my horse came from, just glad she ended up with me for the rest of her life. I have alot of experience with horses, 21 years worth and unfortunately sometimes you cannot tell everything with horses without exrays of the legs and extensive vet work. I thought my mare had a cold when I bought her and I had tests done that shown allergies. There was no blame to be put on the owner of the stables, she did not know, alot of people would have thought the same thing, a cold. Her allergies did not mean she wasn't healthy, just that her diet had to be slightly changed. She was always a happy and healthy horse. I am sorry for the people that happened to have a bad experience buying a horse, but I promise you she has had some great horses at her farm. Below is a picture of my beautiful mare that i bought from that farm.

  • Ra
      18th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    The gelding Zar was a 300.00 rescue from slaughter. I was trying to place him. I rode him with no problems, As for mouse being tied to chain link fence if you look she is tie to pole. who cares anyhow there are always a freak or 2 out there, Thats why I pretty much gave up, I feel sorry for all the horses out there that are nt getting a chance but it costs more in vet fees etc to recuse than youcan ever get back, Zar was sold as is. without vet work. I sold him a few days after my mom died and could not emtionaly deal with taking care of anything even myself at that time. You can try AC4H they are a good rescue .

  • Ra
      18th of Dec, 2010
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    35 yrs and 1 complaint LOL She has found good home for 100's of horses that would have been killed some people love some don't Isn't that how it is with any one. Look at the site just a few horse that went on to good homes, show homes etc. She is not a "funded" recuse but a private person who has been helping horses for year SPCA has given her horse, Nothing wrong with a horse tied to a steel pole in concret. auction tag that was a horse from a Pa rescue that she rehomed in NY hope she gets back into it for the horses sake

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