railway / complaint of misbehave by kharar (punjab) railway station master ashok kumar

it was 25 sept 2012. train (dmu jalandhar from ambala to churalu takarla) arrived at the kharar (punjab) railway station. i asked for the ticket. station master gave the tickets to another passenger after the arrival of the train but refused me. when i asked him y he is doing so. he said train has arrived and we dont give tickets after arrival. i said u are giving to another passengers but not me. i forced him to give the ticket and suddenly he came out from his room and called me and slapped me in front of all the passengers. i said to railway police to take action against him. but they forced me to not to complaint against make a compromise and they didnt register my complaint. and station master was still talking badly. he didnt have any regret what he has done. so please take action against him as soon as possible.i shall be greatly thankful to you.
thank you

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