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Fraud! They trick you into signing forms that are vague and it's because it's a loan for them, after they state I quote " looks like the government is going to cover your schooling in full, - everything but your certificate upon graduation which is $140.00 "
While struggling so hard for the 9months to just get to and from the school ... to find out no graduation ceremony ... and you can't take a "loan out they say " I quote "this school doesn't do that " - yet here I am looking at almost $ 20, 000 for a loan for a Medical Assistant certificate!!! Taxes garnished, and they deny everything! I am so hurt, humiliated ...that I believed everything they said . On numerous occasions I disputed the bill and filled out economic hard ships on more than one occasion many many times and I expressed my confusion regarding money I never had And that I never to took a loan out "it wasn't allowed remember"
I stated "- "your school doesn't do that"
I cried numerous times on the phone about this with them .. and they did nothing but say " we will put hardship for now " while avoiding the questions and proof that I never took out a loan ! They took out the loan ! Yet claiming proudly "wow, your covered in full by FREE grants and government!" The largest mistake of my life was attending that school ! In debt, for moneys I never saw or touched or even was aware existed ! Please someone have them pay for this ! This is heartless in its finest form !
Mother of three, beyond discouraging...

Raichel Caesar

Jan 12, 2017

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