[Resolved] Ragdolls / Disease

5 chandler, AZ, United States

Do not buy from Sharon of Bluemntragdolls, she sold me a kitten with loose bowls. After spending a bunch of money to get it all cleared up I come to find out she has a strand of the hcm gene. This sold me this kitten and as a breeder no less. She called the gene a fluck and when I was told otherwise claimed everyone that told me otherwise was stupid including vets and other breeders. Then said she wanted to do right by me and offered me another kitten in exchange for the kitten I had spent so much money to get healthy again. I eventually got her to arrange a deal where I got the new kitten and got to keep mine and would pay for mine like it was a pet price after the first litter was born except now she's trying to get all the money out of me now o I have to give up my original kitten. This lady is nothing but a crook and after this endeavor I'm never buying from her again

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    it was fixed now if only i could figure out a way to delete this complaint and my account or im just going to blast this account with daily complaints about complaint board!!!

Jun 20, 2015

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