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Radmin / Beware of it

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When I bought this product I thought the set up was fairly easy. As it turned out, that was true, but ONLY when I was connecting to MY desktop from MY laptop on a shared router in MY home. In other words, up to 25-30 feet away from one another.

Connecting via the internet was an entirely different story. A complete NIGHTMARE, and the kicker is their program is designed primarily for use over the internet. You practically need to have enough knowledge/skills to work for them (in tech support) to get it to work. You'd think a company selling PC to PC software would be able to connect with their own customers that way, but you'd be wrong.

Their support and attitude towards their customers is terrible, to the extent that they censor comments on their forum, removed complaint posts altogether, and then blocked access to their entire website when I started asking about a refund.

Too bad they didn't put half as much effort into helping me as they did into silencing me. They couldn't get their program to link my IP address to other computer IP addresses but they damn sure blocked my IP address from accessing their site in a hurry.

I'd strongly advise doing extensive research on their products before buying, and make sure you have an excellent understanding about firewalls, IP addresses, routers, virus protection software, etc. You're gonna need it.

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      11th of Nov, 2008
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    Hi Diana,

    I ain't no user of Radmin (although I know the software from very early versions and know that this is one of the most sophisticated tools of the kind you can possibly get), but it's obvious that you need to setup simple port forwarding in your router. Many advanced programs require this, Radmin is not an exception. Same for your firewall -- you gotta open a port, but to my surprise you seem to have done it. Remote Administrator is a tool for advanced users (although I see nothing special in logging to your router and setting up port forwarding -- detailed instructions for all sorts of routers and types of software are all over the net) what is quite obvious from its name. Do yourself a favour, go to and check how to set it all up.

    "...make sure you have an excellent understanding about firewalls, IP addresses, routers, virus protection software, etc. You're gonna need it." -- yeah, once you got online, make sure you understand what's an IP address, what's a port and what's a firewall with an antivirus. Otherwise go to complaintsboard and keep publishing your cries of heart about each and every bit of software that doesn't work in the system environment you are unable to manage. And don't forget your concerns about money lost from your credit card, if you ain't got no idea what a firewall with an antivirus for..

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      19th of Nov, 2008
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    Haha, you seem to be their competitor, judgung by how you copy and paste your complaints with slight amendments every two weeks here :)

    Otherwise -- as I told you a fortnight ago ( -- do two simple steps and enjoy. But don't complain on your anti-virus vendor -- they won't teach you how to manage the firewall either.

  • Ba
      1st of Oct, 2009
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    re: Unable to use Radmin?

    ###s and AOL users need not apply.. Take your e-Machine back to where you bought it and buy a MAC. Radmin ROCKS - PERIOD

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