Radio ShachHeadphone don't work

I purchased a set of headphones to use at the gym. I got the cheapest pair that cost $10. Since I would listen to TV with them I didn't need to spend any more. A few months later they started to crap out.

I went to the local store and was told that they couldn't do anything. They gave me the phone number to the district manager. I called and held for 18 minutes.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Bay Shore, NY I called back and was placed on hold for even longer.

I would stay away from Radio Shack. If you have a problem they will do nothing for you. Radio Shack SUCKS! If I purchased an item for a lot of money I would be screwed.

I trid to call Thomas Mayer who is the District Manager from Radio Shack but nothing happened. He is from Sound each New York. May he spends hisd time at the beach instead of taking care of Business.

Jan 05, 2015

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