Radio City 91.1 FM Delhi / Non Payment of prize money

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Hi, I had won a prize of Rs. 10, 000 cash on 25th Feb 2009. Till date i.e. end of August these guys from radio have not transferred me the prize money. There have been numerous correspondences with their prize distribution deptt ( Mr. Kailash Chandra) over emails and phone, and the regular excuses are that the money is not sanctioned or we do not have enough cash or the cheques from clients are stuck.

How cheap are all these excuses considering the kind of reach radio city has. Looks like they just run fake contests and never pay up the prize money. By the talks they don't even seem interested in paying up.

Is there anyone in this board who can guide me on how to take on these people so that they do not repeat the same kind of cheap publicity again and think twice if they plan to.

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