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Rackspace / rackspace overcharges and blames customers

1 TX, United States
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Rackspace has been a hosting provider for my companies for over 6 years. Over the last 3 months, Rackspace has debited our company bank account over $22, 000, when our bill with them is $6000. They claim they 'never received value' for the funds they debited from us even though our banking institution clearly shows 4 debits initiated by Rackspace for various amounts totaling $22, 000+. Rackspace refused to research this and blamed our company instead, with one Harvey Goldstein, who claims to be the head of finance for Rackspace, stating that even though our bank statements and other backup documentation clearly show the debits from Rackspace in amounts exceeding 3x what we should have been charged, that our small business stills owe them.

So, because Harvey Goldstein and Rackspace refused to help us, their customer, we were forced to initiate a dispute on the $22, 000+ charges from Rackspace with our bank who is investigating the charges on our account.

Rather than help us, Rackspace maintains that they never took funds from us despite mountains of proof to the contrary. Rather than conduct a through investigation internally, they blame the customer despite our clear bank statements and other documents showing that Rackspace indeed debited our account.

Rackspace and Harvey Goldstein assert that any documentation sent by our bank to help resolve the situation goes to an unattended mailbox and it is impossible for them to track down mail as they are "such a big company." So, Rackspace terminated our services after debiting our bank account for over $22, 000 and is threatening our small business with collection agencies. Meanwhile, our small business has suffered further losses due to the excessive amounts taken from us by Rackspace.

And, all this while our records clearly show that Rackspace took $22, 000 of our money, so Rackspace in fact owes our small business money, not vice versa. After one month of trying to get a resolution, Rackspace Inc and Harvey Goldstein continued to not take responsiblity, not answer phone calls or emails or acknowledge stone-clad documentation from us, their customer. Because of Rackspace Inc.'s failure to address this issue, we had to initiate a claim with our financial institution disputing the charges as unauthorized.

There are many hosting companies out there with far better accountability and customer service. Rackspace Inc is a public company only looking to make more money and screw small businesses. Stay away.

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