Racetrac / on many occasions I have been treated in a very disrespectful manner an rude as well.

New Orleans, LA, United States

The store is on Jefferson hwy. In Harahan. la, 70123. i almost go in a night an the cappuccino machine is down, either broken or the flavor i want is out and i ask the young lady if she would help me, that's when she gets really rude. There are 6 coffee machines and only 1 cappuccino machines. That to me as a customer just is right. There should be 2 units that way when one unit is being cleaned the other is on line an available. As, i look at the set up as whole its just not customer friendly. I've had employees tell call corp. so, that is exactly what i am doing, letting you all know how your people treat customers. There are times i would go to another store if there was one, and i'm not the only they are rude to either.

Oct 18, 2018

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