The Hiring Manager for the Davenport Fl Area (Nick) is very unprofessional. I applied for my first racetrac job 2-3 weeks ago. To my knowledge I didn't get it. I applied for a location in Kissimmee he then called me again and ask if I would still like to join the racetrac team. I said yes. He told me I had to meet the new manager on Friday 12 pm so that they can get me into orientation Monday November 5th. I met with him 12pm on November 2nd. He showed me around & everything. Told me Nick would be in contact with me to let me know the next steps. Nick never called that day. I texted him at 4:17 pm Saturday, he didn't respond until 11:45 the next morning then after I responded( which was within 2-3 minutes) he never responded back. I double texted him. Still no response. I find it VERY unprofessional that I was put through that unnecessary dilemma. & for them to blatantly ignore my messages is very disrespectful. Please get a better hiring manager!!!

Nov 05, 2018

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