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I ordered a diecast car from for chistmas(2007) for my boyfriend. They kept saying that they would ship it out when it came in. I finaly got a partial refund and one car out of the whole deal in January of this year(2008). It is now October of 2008 and I placed the order this time last year. I have now emailed them three or four times asking for a refund on the car that they have not shipped out. I have not received a email from them at all saying anything. This morning I reported them to the BBB. So I am not sure what else to do . I just wnat to get my money back that they already took out of my accout.

Here is the order and all the emails that they sent me .

Order Information

Order #4521 (Shipped Partial Order)
Order Date: Tuesday 02 October, 2007 Order Total: $141.56

Delivery Address
7499 S QUAY CT
LITTLETON, Colorado 80128
United States
Shipping Method
Zone Rates (Shipping to US : 4 lb(s))
1 x Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2008 Mountain Dew AMP #88 COT 1/24 $64.95
1 x Dale Earnhardt Jr. Michigan 57 Chevy Special 1/24 $64.95

Shipment Information

Order Shipped: 01/15/2008
Tracking Number: [protected]

Billing Information

Billing Address
7499 S QUAY CT
LITTLETON, Colorado 80128
United States
Payment Method
Credit Card
Sub-Total: $129.90
Zone Rates (Shipping to US : 4 lb(s)): $13.99
Total: $141.56

Order History

10/02/2007 Pending
10/08/2007 Pending Allison,

We have more of these arriving often, and your sequence to ship in the order purchased is coming close. Once we have enough, yours will ship immediately. We are sorry for the slight delay and appreciate your patience. Thank you for contacting us and we look forward to serving you again in the near future. The Michigan 1/24's are still on track for a November release. Enjoy the rest of your week.


Customer Service
11/01/2007 Pending Allison,

Most certainly by Christmas dear... We are sorry for the slight delay in your shipping time. We have more of those arriving often, we should have received our entire numbers at one time but we have not which is out of our control. We have to ship them in the order purchased. Your sequence seems to be coming up soon so it shouldn't be that much longer. Thank you for your patience on your order shipping.

We have our Christmas in November SALE going on now. Enjoy 15% off on your gifts that you can stock up on for the Holidays and of course to treat yourself to some items of your own. We have FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100 for a Limited Time only so combined with the 15% off that is a HUGE Savings. Simply enter SANTA into the Coupon Box during your Checkout and you'll get 15% in instant savings!

Enjoy the rest of your week...


Customer Service
11/26/2007 Pending Allison,

Same information on this order as well, Thank you...


Customer Service
12/27/2007 Pending Allison,

Would you like to receive the new 57' Chevy Dale Jr. that you have on order, those are in stock, we have more arriving Saturday and can ship them on Monday. Then we can have you in for a new 2008 Dale Jr. Mountain Dew AMP or National Guard 1/24, just let us know.


Customer Service
01/01/2008 Awaiting Shipping Allison,

I messed up, the payment was for this one. You are still saying you need a credit on the other one? Oh, I'll have to look into that, messy but we'll get through with this dear. :) We wish you and your family the very best in 2008.


Customer Service
01/01/2008 Requesting Refund Allison,

This has been updated to show that you have a Mountain Dew 1/24 AMP car on Pre-Order, you will ship tomorrow on the 57' car, you are all set and we just need to give you a refund for the other balance once we can straighten that out. What date was that other charge on dear? Happy New Year!!!


Customer Service
01/01/2008 Awaiting Shipping
01/05/2008 Awaiting Shipping Allison,

This order will ship on Monday with the 57' Chevy, we are sorry that we didn't have this ship during the week as the order of shipping with the amount in inventory interferred with this shipment. This will ship for certain on Monday and the 2008 diecast will ship immediately when these release.

Thank you for your order and we look forward to serving you again soon. Please use TWOOFF on your next order in the coupon code box to receive $2 off any one item over $9.95. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Customer Service
01/17/2008 Shipped Partial Order Allison,

Your Dale Earnhardt Jr. Michigan 57' Special 1/24 shipped on January 15th. You should receive this today from the USPS Postal Service. I have attached your Delivery Confirmation shipping number. We Thank you for your order greatly and we look forward to serving you again in the near future. To update you on the Mountain Dew Dale Jr. cars, we have a release date given to us of January 22nd, give us a few Business Days to receive them, and then to start shipping them out in the order in which they were purchased.

Listen Allison, let me explain something that happened with the industry that you can search very quickly yourself on yourself please. Look at Motorsports Authentics losses and you'll pull up that they are reporting a $50 Million Dollar loss in 2007. They started that in October 2006 when it was their first year as owners. They shorted everyone across the playing field, shady practices at best, they just ruined the market and throughout all of 2007. They are coming back with the Action name this year! They have things in place now that will prevent things from happening. We are very excited about this. We will not be cut 50% on our orders as we were in late 2006 and said it wouldn't continue but in 2007, such as this Michigan 57' die-cast that you experienced as we were shorted half of our pre-order! When you are as large as we are, with more than 28, 000 Customers strong that are very active most of them, this hurt us badly. We were shorted more than 500 of the Dale Jr. Elvis die-cast cars as well.

We can assure you these practices will not happen in 2008, please continue on with us Allison, enjoy your new discount I am giving you at the bottom for the life of your account and know that we are trying very hard. Once we get all of our Customers happy again, it will cut down on the amount of e-mails. We are streamlining our Company and brought in new Management for the 2008 season. We are very pleased to have you as a Customer and want to keep you as a Customer with our Company. We Thank you for your extreme patience and we look forward to serving you again in the near future.

We are giving a great incentive on the 2008 die-casts at this time till Friday with Free Shipping by using FREESHIP08 as the Coupon code during Checkout or you can use TWOOFF for $2 off any one item priced at $9.95 or higher.

Since you really are a great Customer. I just turned on your account for a Lifetime of 5% off, never will you have to purchase the Club Membership for $20 to receive this rate, you'll just receive it for FREE from now on for the life of your account. You deserve it!


Customer Service

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2008 Mountain Dew AMP #88 COT 1/24


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Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2008 National Guard #88 COT 1/24

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2008 Mountain Dew AMP #88 COT 1/24


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  • St
      3rd of Nov, 2008

    I ordered 3 cars May 3, 2007 and still haven't got a thing!! No email responses NOTHING!! They are LIARS and THIEFS!! I just want my money back but can't get anybody to respond!!


    0 Votes
  • St
      3rd of Nov, 2008 - Did not recieve items paid for
    United States

    I ordered 3 diecast cars on May 3, 2007, I have yet to recieve a thing.I can't get no response from emails and they supply no phone # to contact them.This is the second time this has happened!! I just want my money!! They should be in JAIL!!! If I done what they have I would be!! They are LIARS!! They should be shut down!!! They stole $170.00 from me and I want it back.

    Steve Nelson

    0 Votes
  • An
      9th of Dec, 2008 - ordered and paid for product, never received
    United States

    Ordered a diecast card 6/29/07. My credit card was charged $73 and the car was never shipped. I have been promised the car will be shipped once they receive their next shipment but nothing has ever been sent. I've requested a refund back to my credit card and have received no response.

    0 Votes
  • To
      5th of Apr, 2010

    I have the same problem. I ordered 3 die cast going back to 07 and I never got a thing. I finally asked for my money back but still got nothing. They got me for for over $300.00. I could never find any information on them so I didn't know what to do.

    0 Votes

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