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Raccoon Lakeside Lodge / None of us enjoyed our stay!

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I paid almost $200 for a "2 bedroom suite".. for one nite only.. we arrived around 6pm and there were no sheets on the beds.. we got sheets for the beds, but never got any for the pull out couch that my neice had to sleep on without sheets or blankets or pillows.. the mattress on the fold out couch was so bad, that when she crawled into bed that evening, her knees sunk down and hit the metal bars on the frame and she hurt her knees.. she started crying and holding onto her knees.. this is just the beginning.. the other beds in the 2 bedroom suite were so bad, that none of us got any sleep that nite..

we were also shocked to learn we had to clean our own room, do our own dishes and take out our own garbage.. the so called dishes in the kitchen were things that you would have thrown out.. every single plate and cup had about 12 chips out of it and numerous cracks.. nothing matched.. it was stuff they got for a nickel at a thrift shop or garage sale, in the 70;s.. the coffee mugs were all mugs that people give away as advertisements and they were all chipped and cracked..

there was not enough pressure in the shower to even take a shower.. there were no kleenex's.. there was no room in the bathroom to set down your toiletry items. the heat did not work properly.. we were cold, then hot then cold then hot, all nite long... between the beds and the people above us, none of us got any sleep... there is absolutely no soundproofing in these buildings and they are built very cheaply.. you can hear every word and every footstep all your nieghbors take.. my upstairs nieghbors seemed to be moving furniture around also, at 1 am and they took showers at 2am and i could hear thier toilets flush at 2:30 am..

the web site says there are jucuzzi's, but what they dont mention, is that when we got there, they were outside and had been winterized and closed down for the year.

the advertisement of a 2-bedroom suite for $200 a nite, led me to believe that this was going to be a really nice place.. the web site looks great.. but there are no photos of any of the rooms on the web site.. it is very tiny.. very small. everyone had to walk thru one of the bedrooms to get to the bathroom.. my room was advertised for 6, but it would only hold 3 comfortably.

the next morning, the 3 of us were sitting in the little tiny living room, with a huge sliding glass door, the maid walked by, saw all 3 of us sitting there, and used her key and came right into the room.. without knocking.. all 3 of us were very upset at this invasion of privacy.. a simple knock on the front door was the proper thing to do. she just wanted to know what time we were leaving..

there is some kind of an air freshener attached to the ceiling and about every 5 minutes, it lets out air freshner, but ours was out of air freshener, and it made a loud noise every 5 minutes for the entire time we were there, including all nite... it is impossible to get any sleep at this resort. it was a big waste of $200. I was and still am, very upset... $200 is alot of money for one nites stay, and alot of money for me.. I brought my aunt and my niece and i was very excited about taking them away for just 2 days, as a nice little mini vacation... None of us enjoyed our stay.. It was a big dissappointment and a big waste of my hard earned money..

thank you..



Jeff Lindsey Snell
Raccoon Lakeside Lodge
Contact: Roger, Sue or Jeff 765/344-1162
1/2 mile N. of US 36 on 910 E at 26 m. m.
9469 E. Paw Paw/Raccoon Lodge Rd.
Rockville, IN [protected]


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