RabihFor not responding

I have tried to call your collection department from yesterday more than 35 times pictures attached.

I got terminated from my job 4 month ago and I was paying for my payments on time every month plus insurance credit shield I submitted my documents 4 month ago until now I do not have responed from your bank and the insurance company.

Yesterday I received an email saying to pay the dues which is not my responsibility or they will deposit my cheuqe.

The point is if they are not going to pay what they promised me and what I paid for Im going to open a case in the court for a cheating me by this contract.

If the insurance delay its not my problem its your problem and stop threated me because I have all the documents that support me in the court you did not kept the contract as It should be.

I have called Nadia Hazem more than 35 times from yesterday as it's mentioned in the email to contact her but she is not responding.

I never had in my life a bad experience with any bank like you did with me.

Rabih Haidar

May 03, 2017

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