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R1 Moving and Storage / Dishonest and extremely rude company!

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This company is dishonest. The company has at least five different addresses. They advertise in the Sacramento Yellow Pages with a residential address to make you think they are in Sacramento. The company is actually 100 miles away in San Jose. They were two hours late because they were stuck in traffic. The mover told me that he was required for insurance purposes to shrink wrap my furniture. I have five pieces of furniture. He took two hours to shrink wrap the furniture and the other mover stood out in the truck doing nothing. Once we arrived at my new residence, the mover told me my additional costs for packing material was $282.00. They charged me $26.99 for a box to lay flat on the outside of my TV. I had 25 of my own boxes sitting around they could have used. They also charged me for 7 rolls of shrink wrap at $24.99 a roll. The mover then demanded a tip and became angry when he realized I was not going to tip him. I called the owner of this company to find out about the required shrink wrap and he said I did not have to have it if I did not want it. He said I should have called the office if I was confused. He was extremely rude and said it was my fault.

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  • Vi
      4th of Dec, 2006
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    I had R1 pickup 34 items. I called them first to see if I needed to lable the boxes and was told the driver would do it. He placed a "dot" on SOME of the boxes. When the shipment arrived in Fort Worth low and behold it was 3 boxes, possibly 4 as one box was shattered and my son threw it away before I could see it (I don't think it was mine). R1 will not return my calls, the boxes were not just lost, they weren't labled correctly at my home, and when the driver found he had extra "dots" he wouldn't unload the shipment but said he would correct it at the warehouse. R1 has not responded to calls, faxes, and yes, they are NOT local and that means they are too far for me to go to the warehouse and look for my boxes. I was told the warehouse was "too big" for them to search for the boxes. I have contacted DOT and BBB about their business practices.

  • Ca
      2nd of Apr, 2007
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    I have also experienced a similar arrogant attitude of R1 Moving. Once you place the order with them, they will rip you off. They deliver stuff after 2 months. They do not concede to your requests, begging, pleading. They loose boxes in transit. Deliver someone elses boxes to you & your boxes to the next delivery stop. Their truck drivers are mannerless. They would not take the truck near to your house & would park far away & ask you to pay $100 more for them to deliver inside the house. Most greedy people I have ever seen in the whole of America. And ya I forgot to mention - their drivers are all Mexican cheap tacos. Cheapster 2 cents workers / refugees across the border. And the most interesting part of my experience - one of my boxes is mis-delivered to some other customer & they are least interested in getting the box back. Whenever I call their San Jose office, I get weird answers that the contact person whom I need to talk to - has been fired! Whoa. I never knew they fire one day & hire back the other day.


  • Ni
      2nd of Apr, 2007
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    I have also experienced the same problems. I was way over charged for packing materials that I don't think they used. The pick up drivers were new stating that they had never picked up the usually deliver. They didn't know how the paper work work or any details. they had to repeatedly call the office. They didn't understand english well enough to communicate to me. They were late and it took them over 7 hrs to load my house that was completely packed. I got my delivery on the last promised date at 3am in the morning. Then the delivery drivers wouldn't take time to go thru my boxes with me. I counted them as they unloaded and knew I was short. I also saw boxes that were not mine. I sent the boxes back with them that were not mine. But never recovered my missing boxes. I also had damage to 2 pieces of furniture. I submitted all the paper work to the claims company and agreed on a settlement amount. R-1 never sent me a check or called to confirm the settlement. I called them and got a check in a couple of weeks. I deposited the check in my bank for in to be returned NSF! I will call R-1 today to find out how if ever I will get the money owed. Every time I talk with someone from R-1 they are rude, abrupt, or completely unaware of anything and have to give messages to other people. I have been frustrated from the beginning with them!

  • Di
      30th of Jul, 2007
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    R1 Moving and Storage - Poor service!
    United States

    I contacted R1 moving and storage on June 5th 2007 to move my items from Sonora, Ca. to Jacksonville FL on June 18th 2007.

    They quoted me a total of $1100.00 to do the complete move. At the time I thought that was a reasonable amount of money so I went with the quote.

    They arrived at my home on time and everything was going well. The movers were acting quite professional and doing a great job at packing up all my things and placing each item with a sticker to identify it properly.

    Then the guy that was packing up my stuff told me to expect the truck to deliver all my items to my new place by June 28th. I told him that would be a great time for them to come due to the fact, I wanted to take my time driving cross country.

    June 28th came and went with no calls from R1 telling me that they were going to be delayed. I gave them a few days since, I thought that perhaps something had come up or since it was just an estimated time that perhaps it was taking longer than what was first estimated.

    A few days later I called up Sanjay and asked him if my stuff was on its way. He told me that they had a problem fitting all my stuff into a truck and that a truck was coming from Colorado to pick up my items. That truck should be in California the following day and I should have my stuff in 3 days.

    June turned into July, I waited until after the 4th to call em back. I spoke this time to a man named Jeremiah who had told me at the time he was being trained and was new to the business. He looked at my account and told me that they had just picked up my items and they were on their way to Florida. That my stuff came out to over 2100 pounds as well and I needed to pay them an additional $400.00 for the additional weight. I didn't mind that too much so I told him I'd pay it and then made him repeat that my items were in transit and that I should receive them in two days.

    The days passed by and still no phone call. So I called Sanjay up again and asked him where my items were. He told me that the truck had a tire blow out in Texas and that it delayed the movers a few days. that I should be receiving my items within the next few days since the truck had a stop in Georgia.

    After two more calls I finally found out that the truck was going to arrive at my house within the next few days. that they had made their final stop in Texas and when the driver was 24 hours from my home that he would call me back.

    Well the day came and went so I called up R1 again and asked them if they had the exact time that the driver would arrive at my home. I spoke again with Jeremiah who told me that he had lost contact with his driver and that he had no way of tracking his where abouts.

    Another 24 hours go by and still my stuff is missing and the truck is not calling to report to his dispatch.

    Early morning on Saturday July 14th 2007 I get a call from the truck driver saying he will be in the area within the hour and that he wanted cash from me. Since I have had nothing but trouble from this moving company I refused to give him cash.

    In order for them to charge me more money, one of the movers actually used his own feet to measure the distance from my front door to his trailer. He told me that due to his measurements with his own feet and not an actual measuring stick that the price to move all my items in would be an additional $75 bucks. Since he was holding my items hostage, i had to fork out the money to him. All the while he was waiting for me to return from a bank that was majorly busy and a traffic jam and a half, due to their forgetfulness of calling me the day before they were to arrive, they refused to move any of my stuff into the apartment. while they waited, the weather turned ugly. they told me that if they were to wait until the weather cleared to move my items in it would be an additional $800.00. when they told me this I went crazy! First they made me wait almost an entire month for my stuff, they wanted even more money from me due to their refusal to trust me!

    I had paid for the whole they pack up your stuff then unpack it and unwrap it for you service as well. When I asked the movers if they would be so kind to unwrap some of the stuff and put it back together they laughed and said sorry you are on your own.

    I had told the movers that there were two boxes missing from my moving sheet. They kept reassuring me that I was wrong that they had given me everything that was on the truck after they had mistakenly given me a few boxes that were someone else's. I caught the glitch and told them that the two boxes were not mine. the movers just said oh oops and reloaded them into the truck.

    The driver of the truck then told me again that there was nothing left on his truck for me. That they remembered placing two boxes in my apartment that didn't have numbers on them and those were the missing boxes. So I was tricked into believing that I had everything.

    The next day I started to unpack and realized that yes there was two missing boxes and that I wasn't going crazy. So I called up the driver and told him that he had two boxes of mine still on his truck. He told me that they were in the process of unloading in Orlando and that he would get back to me. So I get a call back and he said that he remembered the two boxes and that he had accidentally given them to the address in Orlando. that he knew for sure and that he was sorry for the inconvenience but I needed to contact Jeremiah and have him retrieve the boxes.

    I called Jeremiah and left several messages. He never called me back, then they kept transferring me to a Heather. On numerous attempts I finally got Sanjay back on the phone. He told me that they found one of my boxes and that they would ship it to me via fed ex immediately. That was over two weeks ago.

    While waiting I have found out that Sanjay no longer works for the company and that he lied to me about shipping the boxes. That they still have no idea where the boxes are and that the lady in Orlando is not returning their calls.

    They keep promising me that they will call me back they never do. So now I am at wits end and defaming them on every website I can and reporting them to the department of consumer affairs, the DA and to the better business bureau. My next order of business is to file a small claim against them for all the losses I have accrued while trusting my personal belongings in their care.

  • An
      31st of Aug, 2007
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    After they took a 20% deposit from me while scheduling their move date, they simply did not show. That's right, did not show up, did not contact me to tell me they would not show. I called about 15 times before finding out they weren't coming at 6 at night. Well duh! Of course they weren't coming by then, but where were they and why haven't they called? We reschedule, they're late again, and then they don't deliver within the 14 days they promised me. Oh, but now they have 30 days or some such. Whatever! It's been past 30 days! And now they want to hold my things hostage because I don't think it's fair to pay them MORE money for multiple contract breaches. Insanity!

  • Lu
      8th of Oct, 2007
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    R1 Moving and Storage - Rude service and unpromising delivery date!
    United States

    R1 moving is a company of no integrity to it's customers. I have a contract with R1 moving in which they promised to deliver my household goods in 7 to 14 days. They picked up my household goods september 04 2007 and it is now Oct 08, 2007 and this company still has not delivered my belongings. I wish that I never knew that this company existed. This is the most unprofessional company in the industry of moving.

  • Al
      31st of Oct, 2007
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    R1 Moving and Storage - Horrible experience!
    United States

    I feel so sheepish for having used this company. I should have done more research online and seen that it was going to be a nightmare. They were supposed to show up between 12 and 2, and arrived at 8:30 pm. Everything I owned was packed, and they somehow charged me $2200 for packing supplies. They had me sign the packing slip form, and then later wrote in all these random words and costs. At 1 am I was not too concerned with arguing anymore, they had worn me down and then I signed the credit card slip so I could go to bed. I asked how much the cost was and the foreman said to call the office the next day. Well, they never called me back, I had to find out from my credit card statement that the move had been $2000 more than anticipated. I moved 400 miles and it cost $2000, and with these guys I moved 5 miles and it cost $2800. It is unconscionable to me that a company like this is allowed to continue to do business. DO NOT USE THEM FOR ANYTHING, YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!

  • An
      1st of Nov, 2007
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    R1 Moving and Storage - Scam business practices!
    United States

    I just had an outrageous experience with R1 Moving and Storage, San Jose. They ripped me off for $6,000.00 by asking me to sign innocent-looking forms and later filling in inflated prices. When I wasn't looking they took back my copies of these forms so I couldn't prove later that I didn't approve the charges.

    Now I have to pay ransom to get my property back--either a further check for $2100 or my signature on a waiver of my right to litigate. What should I do? Plz advise smb!

  • Ad
      6th of Nov, 2007
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    You should litigate... please do not pay them to deliver your goods, because once they get your money, they will probably lose it or throw your items out or only deliver partial shipment.

    Go to court and sue them for all their money! That is what I'm in the process of doing. Don't even bother with small claims court, because all the stress & mental torture R1 put me through is criminal.

    They all should be locked up .. including the owner Surjay. Surjay - I hope your reading this. You are a criminal... see you in court with MY LAWYER!

  • Ke
      21st of Nov, 2007
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    Please email me, i am in process of a major lawsuit to shut them down and trying to get everyone paid back for lost stolen items etc. If you wish to join the lawsuit again please email me and we will all join for a company termination suite recovery of all assets etc.

    My fast story: moved from california to washington state, items arrived and $16,418 worth of electronics, plasma tv's, computers, entertainment systems, etc where stolen from there warehouse by there own workers...


  • Ba
      14th of Feb, 2008
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    I too have experienced lack of response for a lost item. Our furniture was in their storage for about two months before shipping. Due to inclement weather the day of delivery, we were unable to due a proper inventory of our goods. They tried to give us several items that weren't ours. After the van left, we discovered we were missing a carpet cleaner worth $300. They didn't offer us replacement value insurance, only the standard weight replacement formula. After many phone calls to track down the missing item, they finally told me to file a claim for the loss. The claim was processed and approved by an independent company. Even though the claim settlement was less then 1/4 of the loss, I decided to accept the claim to receive something rather than nothing for my loss. They have had the approved claim since 7/30/07 and I still haven't received payment. Everytime I make phone contact, I'm given some excuse the the party I need to talk to is there and that they will call me back. I guess my next recourse is to report them to the BBB and DOT. Maybe it will save another customer from being ripped off.

  • Vi
      6th of Mar, 2008
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    I finally gave up and signed the settlement sheet and they never paid. They said it was their choice! My husband said they didn't have to pay me a dime. I went months in depression over all the family photos and misc. items I was sending my children and grandchildren that they lost. And the Dept. Of Transp. wouldn't do anything about them, nor Better Business Bur. They don't care! This company is a major rip off and no body cares!!! But the ripped off customers!!!

  • Mi
      11th of Nov, 2008
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    BBB CASE#: 289526

    Owner is Suraj Viswanathan IDBA R1 Moving, RAM Moving Corp
    There claims are handled by
    Anthem Claim Management
    2351 W. Memorial Court, Anthem, AZ 85086 (877) 551-5998

    The move was from Merced, CA to San Jose, CA in June of 2007. Upon their late arrival in San Jose, the movers tried to shake me down for more money; I refused then they unloaded.
    The washer's 4 shock absorbers were broken to the tune of $248 to replace.
    Their insurance paid only .60 per lb ( $120 ) and they didn't accept my specification showing 240 lbs for the Sears Kennmore Elite.

    R1 Moving and Storage ( changed their address )

    1252 Memorex Drive
    Santa Clara
    CA, 95050
    Phone Number: 408-486-9787
    Fax Number: 408-521-0476
    Toll Free: 800-973-0919

  • Ke
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    I used them last year They stole $30, 000 dollers worth of Tv"s computers jewlery and much more .

    I m Sueing them in Superior Court of california

    if anyone wants info on what im doing or have comments, Any info i can add to the case would be great
    email me

  • Mi
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    I got a quote from R1 and then after they were done the total price was 4x the quote and they would not unload till i payed them. they are con men don't trust them in any way...

  • Do
      14th of Jan, 2013
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    it sounds like a very bad company, but good news I have started moving again. I have done moving for ummm 10 or so years but took off five (due to health reasons unrelated to moving) its just me and a mate of mine so call me at 408-620-0788. we also do windows and light landscaping. and my complaint was the police dept, I was attacked by two guys I had pictures but nothing ever came of it but I did make friends with one of the DAs on the case.

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