R Mattress / Unethical Harassment

Los Angeles, CA, United States
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I was thinking about getting a new mattress and the best way is to get hired so your employee discount is cost (65% off retail sticker price). Saw an ad on craigslist regarding a mattress store but ad did not list the name of the business and just a phone number instead. Figure I inquire about some new mattresses and see if they're still accepting applicants at the same time. I called around 3:30am (closing hours)hoping to get a voicemail that identifies the establishment and praying it wasn't Ortho Mattress. Ortho Mattress of Southern California has the most ridiculous rip off pricing and take that from someone who knows people from the inside. I didn't get a voicemail but surprisingly someone actually picked up and answered, "Hello? Helloooo?" I hesitated to respond thinking that maybe I dialed the wrong number. Considering that number 1, the store is closed at the time and number 2, what business answers the phone with a hello? Dude never stated the name of store so I concluded maybe I dialed the wrong number and simply hung up. Now here's where things got interesting.

This brotha (African American I think) with store or contact number of [protected] called me later in the day around 4 times and hung up each call with no voicemail. I'm thinking now maybe it WAS a business that I've called and they're trying to reach me back to see if I'm interested in a mattress or a job. So I called back to confirm and once again received the same homie who answered the phone with a, "Hello?" This time around, I asked if this was a business and if so, could you please address which store I've just called. He answered, "This is R Mattress." In a nutshell, I asked what's his reason for calling me multiple times without leaving a message and just hanging up. He instantly gets defensive and says, "Well you the one who called me up first and hung up!" I replied, "I hung up initially because you never identified yourself as a business so naturally I thought I got the wrong number. He immediately starts lying and argues, "Well...uh...I said good morning and that's when you hung up. So...uh..look anyways, I got customers so talk to you later." Gave me attitude and completely brushed me off but at least I got what I needed. Homie was pissed that I called and hung up so he retaliates a total of 4 times by doing the same thing! I called him back trying to get his name and once again he answers, "Hello?" I asked, "This R Mattress?" He instantly goes, "Look man I got to go." Hangs up on me again.

You represent a business and you're going to prank call me and hang up multiple times because you're mad that I hung up first? I only hung up cause I thought I reached the wrong number because of your unprofessional phone greeting! What representative of any business answers the phone with, "Hello? Hellooooo?" Number I called is what you posted on the ad is it not? That ads relates to your company correct? It's my fault you forgot who you were working for at the time? Hey Peter (owner), get this guy straight or I might just call the police next time. I got all his calls saved up on my caller ID. So ladies and gentlemen, if you ever call R Mattress and somebody answers with a simple hello, you got the right establishment!

Aug 09, 2016

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