R + L CarriersDamaged Goods


Learn from my BAD experience!

I recently shipped several furniture items from PA to CA. These included two antique chairs that had been in my family for four generations.

We chose R + L Carriers because they were a big company with the best bid. They instructed us to wrap each item in bubble wrap which we did very thoroughly. When the chairs arrived at our home, both were severely damaged. One chair was literally crush apart and the other one had scratches and a major gouge in the back rest.

We stupidly did not get extra insurance as it somehow never occurred to us that the shipping experts would treat out furniture with such blatant disregard. It is pretty obvious from the condition of our chairs that they were crushed or violently throw about during shipment.

We have no recourse without insurance so every penny we thought we saved will be spend and much, much more to take these chairs to a furniture repair place to put them back together.

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