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I just received my cell phone bill to see 34.00 in charges from a third party which just so happens to be R & D Media...this was 17 texts @ 2.00 a pop. I have unsubscribed to this service but have no idea how they got my number to begin with. I think they are ripping people off of lots and lots of money. If you ask me the cell phone companies must be in bed with these people in some shape or form!

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  • De
      Jul 13, 2011

    They absolutely are. Your wireless provider makes a percentage of every dollar they charge. I agree, these are brutal, nefarious business tactics. They should not be allowed to operate within our current legal system.

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  • Pa
      Nov 23, 2011

    I too received Third Party charges on my Fido bill. I called, emailed and faxed them back and forth a number of times and finally cancelled the service out when I could not handle the FRUSTRATION any more. The worst thing about all this is the Company does not care - did not even offer an apology. In fact, they do not send paper bills any longer and when I asked for a final billing they told me to pay "x" amount of dollars so I finally had a credit when I closed that account. I waited a few months for a refund cheque to be mailed as I was advised by Rogers that it is usually mailed 2-3 months after the account is dormant. When I called Fido for the refund they told me that they do not entertain any queries regarding an account that is past 3 months - "THAT'S THE RULE". Any suggestions what I can do next? Can anyone tell me who will be reading this post and what authority do they have to help us resolve these issues. We are hostages to these large corporations. I totally support the "OCCUPY" movement. Something needs to be done.

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  • Mi
      Oct 15, 2012

    Just had a charge on my wife's phone for 9.99 according to T-Mobile she probably received a text and did not reply STOP. Now T-Mobile says they can't remove the charge because it is a third party. So I called the third party, stopped service (left message) didn't talk to a real person. You should also set up a block by your phone provider so it will not accept any premium services via text. What a bunch of crap. I told them they need to notify all customers so that they don't have to waste an hour on the phone disputing something they didn't even sign up for.

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  • Bo
      Nov 25, 2013

    It had just happened to my T-Mobile bill...the 9.99 charged to my account . I have to call T-Mobile to take it off or I will cancel my service with T-Mobile plus not paying the bill all together.

    There should be a law to protect consumer and criminal investigation on these groups that is including the phone company, why is it allowed the charged to be tag together with the phone bills.
    If the customer(s) want to buy something on their owned they should be pay with their own check or credit card and not allowed to be bill together with phone bills.

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