R and L Investments, LLCRebabbing/construction company NOT to use

I bought my house from R&L Investments, LLC about a 4 years ago and have NOT had a positive experience, to say the least . Most recently I lost a court case with them regarding lies/false information on the Seller's Disclosure sheet... the entire story is too much to type here in its entirety, but the bottom line is clear: I had to get $10, 000 worth of plumbing done in order to hook my house up to a public sewer (not the old, abandoned private sewer that I was hooked up to) and $2, 500 worth of basement repairs. As an additional bonus, I have a $10, 000 lien against my property because the City of Philadlephia's HELP program had to come do the work.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Philadelphia, PAEven though the information about the plumbing that was provided to me on the disclosure sheet was false, and that information was what I was basing my final desicions on (extra inspections that needed to be done, etc.), all my rights were waived based on the Agreement of Sale. The judge even said that she believed it was likely that there was pre-existing knowledge of the problems prior to settlement, it pretty much didn't matter because of the signed Agreement of Sale. What is the point of having a Seller's Disclosure at all if it doesn't matter what is said on it? There were blatant lies on the Disclosure that I was basing some of my decisions on...
Just a horrible experience over all. Within months of moving in, things starting literally falling apart... siding, tiles, brick, etc.

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