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Qwest / charge for nothing

1 Arizona, United States Review updated:

Have had qwest for at least 15yrs. Had 3rd party long distance with windstream. Never use it, don't need long distance anymore, so I canceled with windstream. Now qwest charged me for canceling with windstream. It has nothing to do with qwest. An extra $8.95 ontop my bill because why?

Waiting for my alarm company to call back about putting a cell-block in place of the land-line as I find that $40 for basic phone service with no perk add-ons is a total qwest scam! Looking at thier website they 'advertise' basic service at around $14, this is a total outright lie! You cannot get just this service, they charge extra if you don't "bundle" services. You can get it - yes - if you also subscribe to thier crummy internet and/or thier 3rd party resold cell service. Either way they are going to get you for more than thier share of benjamins.

The one I loved - "we will give it to you for 6-months free". Watch out for that scam. Ask them this - "how much to then stop the service if I am unhappy?" or "how much is it after the 6-months?" watch your back, I asked because I am not getting suckered. Don't get fooled!

Why would anyone have them as a provider unless you have an alarm or such that requires a physical land-line? What I dish out to qwest for basic phone now is more than my cell phone with every feature imaginable that I never use nor would want. Qwest you fail! Keep it up and you will be next in-line to the 'save me obama handout party'.

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  • Vz
      9th of Jun, 2010
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    Okay there is a pick charge that is required by the FCC when changing long distance cariers. Your full of [censor] about the prices your saying. A (1fr) standard rate line with no features is $22 dollars at the most! Do some research [censor]! It's dumb [censor] people like you that think they know everything and don't find out more information. Qwest is a great company. there is a reason jd power rated qwest number 7 in customer satisfaction

  • To
      18th of Oct, 2010
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    I like the others who have complained, dislike Qwest, and their service. My internet service which I had for two years, was always from the very start..."intermittent"! It would work for a while, then NOT! In the two years of service, I called them for repairing my internet connection, at least five times.

    Finally, they told us that I needed a new modem, that was the problem. Of course, I would have to pay for a new modem, which was used on "post World War II telephone lines outside of the house. How can you truly pass a small signal such as a DSL minute signal, on old "Bell, Mountain Bell" telephone lines.

    Now (10.15.2010) Qwest has a "fraudulent advertisement on t.v. stating that they supply potential customers with "high speed DSL internet service" with fiber optics. That is a total lie. The teleophone lines where we live are exactly not - fiberoptic! They are old out of date - Bell, Mountain Bell Telephones, which are being used, to try to give you high quality Gigabyte speed service of DSL. This cannot be done with any degree of success! It's like driving a very fast new car, on a "dirty, bumpy old dirt road, and expect to retain a high speed of travel, it "can't be done very good"!
    Tony V.

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