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The company was paid $2760 and $600 for the fireplace. They sent me a broken fireplace that is not repairable with two main pieces broken beyond repair (as proof by the insurance company).

They refused to file the insurance claim to refund me the full purchase.

They said to send the original insurance paper and never did.

I hope Alibaba can prevent seller like them to do business in the marketplace for the following reason.

1. One piece fireplace as purchased was cut into 9 pieces

2. Charge excessive shipping cost and not paying for the custom and taxes as discussed (charged $1450 for shipping and handling)

3. Never insure the full amount (less than 60%) customer paid you, in case like this customer will suffer heavy loss.

4. Acting unethical and try to avoid taking responsibilities for your failed business parties - you poor packing caused the damage as proof by a third party assessor.

5. Try to send inferior and unfit item as replacement.

Very angry customer who was cheated out USD$3, 960 for a broken piece of stone.

Feb 24, 2016
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  • Ji
      Nov 19, 2018
    Quyang Shengye Stone Carving Factory - Stone Fireplace
    Carving Park,Quyang County,Hebei Province,China 073104

    Was cheat out of thousands of dollars by the company. The company under insured the cargo. I paid them USD$3900 and only got back less than USD$1700 from the insurance company.

    I found them on Alibaba as a gold supplier.

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