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I need your help in this I was in accident the 1st of August the A1 assist towed my car to their yard. In the towing invoice it was written Nu wagon…..But the guy who towed me he said he is talking it to their towing yard I phoned them the towing guys asking for quotation at [protected] I spoke to Ronel she said they are the towing company she gave me the number of the woman in a panel beater next to their yard. I called Nu Wagon Panel Beaters at [protected] I spoke to Rene concerning with the quote. She took ma car from Ronels yard without my permission and put it in their yard which I only asked for a quotation now they charging me R13000, when I asked Rene why is it going to be expensive she said I must talk to Erica and she came up with the option of buying my car for R15000 if I don’t have R13000. I have asked them for a detailed invoice what admin do they do? Why they charging R850 for quote cause quotations they normally free, and recovery fee etc.

Attached is the invoice they send me.

Your help will be highy appreciated.



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