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Quizno's Subs / Chicken sandwich method - against religion!

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Hello! I have some serious matter about QUIZNO'S chicken sandwich making method . last week i went to one of the quiznos restaurant here in new jersey for lunch and i wanted to eat chicken sandwich so i was waiting in a line to give my order, now the customer before me had ordered a sandwich which is SMOKE HOUSE BEEF BRISKET and then the employee of the restaurant has scale that meat and dip it into the gravy to cook it and then he took out meat from gravy and spread it on bread and put it through ovan and then he served it to to customer who had orderer the sandwich, now it was my turu to order and then i have order HONEY BOURBON CHICKEN SANDWICH , but the employee has scale the chicken and put it into the same gravy which he used to dip BEEF BRISKET, i was so socked because beef and chicken are diffrent product and people who are indian and do not eat any beef product but only the chicken because of the religion means to eat any cow product for hindu is against the religion and when they use same gravy to dip both meats its against the hindu people because u could get meat particles of beef product into chicken when they take out from gravy. this issue is very complicated and i have wrote it to QUIZNOS official website but they dont even bother to reply back. i hope any hindu who are strict and dont eat any beef product consider this issue because this against religion and you are breaking your religion by not knowing this . THANKS

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  • La
      27th of Jun, 2007
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    Everyone is basically taking a risk eating out in restaurants or even eating any food not made by themselves. Not only if you have a religion that restricts what you eat, but also if you have food allergies, you should not eat in places that have any of your banned ingredients because there is always a chance. You cannot blame the foodworkers for cross-contaminating the food. It happens. You could even complain that they touched beef before they touched chicken, never mind that they dipped it in the same marinade. ### happens, and it's your own fault if you become in violation of your religion or get an allergy by not being careful enough to choose your restaurants wisely or being attentive to how your food is prepared.

  • De
      28th of Sep, 2007
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    Complaint on Customer Service at Quiznos Sub Store #515
    1215 S. Clark St.
    Arlington, VA 22202

    I requested a Chicken Flat Bread Salad with no onion. Gentleman ahead of me had pick up his sub and paid. I watched my salad being prepared and they put onions on it. I s aid to the preparer that I did not want onions on my salad. The Manager was standing beside the preparer and said to me It may not be your salad. The Manager then asked in Spanish if it was my salad and they said yes. She told them I did not want onions. Did not apologize for her rudeness....mostly in her tone of voice. I paid for the salad while they prepared another salad. The manager rang up her register and said $6.20. Nobody else responded in line and I had moved down by her register while my salad was being prepared. I said I paid for my salad. She said in that tone of voice I wasn't talking to you. There is no reason for customers to be treated rudely especially when the customer was just asking for no onions and was not being ugly about it. I can understand if a customer is being rude then it tends to have a domino effect. This was not the case. I came back to my office and related the incident to a co-worker. Co-worker said I was not the only one who had notice how rude they are at that site. Customer service is something every organization should strive for. The best advertising an organization can have is good customer service. Respectfully, Deborah Martin

  • Ha
      10th of Jul, 2008
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    I really needed to go to the bathroom and suddenly I ran into Quiznos when I got done I flushed and I we over to Cicis pizza and me and my friends went to our cars and one of the employees ran up to my car and said you can't do that you have to clean that up after Youself. Then when I walked in a young lady was cursing in my face telling me to clean up that ### that is ###ing nasty and you don't do that don't ever ###ing do that and made me clean up there toilet instead of doing themselves it was there responsibility.

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