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I met a guy on Facebook told me he lives in london and would like us to date few days ago he told me he sent me a parcel containing some items he give me a website that I provided and a tracking number I tracked and saw the parcel so I kinda believe him he left london and entered dubai then to Malaysia I dont know why eventually he text me to say he put 3000 usd in the package in an envelope and that the customs at Malaysia has seize it unless we pay 2500 usd I dont have that money for I am unemployed I received phone calls from these said customs at Malaysia and when I tried to call back the number I could not get through I called the numbers from the site none worked I told him he said not to call them that it waste of time jus let us try to pay them so I can get the parcel of gifts that I should borrow the money and when I received the parcel I can give back the money I received an email from so called Malaysia customs with a number to call but of course the number didnt work it was routed to different people phone with English accent that had no idea about this email I google this company but even google has no knowledge of this company wow google know everything he seemed geniune I dont know if someone is trying to scam him or he is trying to scam me I spoke to his sister he sent me pictures of his family himself I dont know what goin on here. I will enclose a picture of him if anyone knows anything please feel free to contact me at [protected] thank u

Quirk Delivery
Quirk Delivery

Apr 08, 2016

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