Quirk Chevrolet Manchester, NHflexible spending account

I contributed funds to a flex pay account weekly. I was never issued a FSA card to use to cover my deductables.
My employment was terminated August 29th 2018. When I called HR, I was treated like I was bothering the HR manager. She told me that my flex pay account was terminated when my job was cancelled and that it was too late to use the monies I paid into the account.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Manchester, CA She gave me a nasty reply that I shoud have recieved a COBRA notification about the account. I explained that I never had health insurance with the company and that it was my understanding that COBRA was to extend or keep my insurance active at my expense.
What I was looking for is the ability to use pre tax funds that I accumulated by my weekly contribution. I earned this money and simply want to use it towards my medical deductables. How do I proceed?

Dec 07, 2018

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