Quinta Avenida Hotelbad service

Hello, I had reserved a room in this hotel from June 4 to June 11th. The first day of our stay there was a lot of things wrong with the room. There was a lot of humidity, the bed was hard and uncomfortable, the fan that is located in the room was shaking when its on and as soon as you turn it off it shakes even more, the light hangs with some cables and that is very unsafe for customers. In the restroom, the toilet seat was broken, there was an unsatisfying smell coming from the sewer and as well a leakage. We let the staff know about all these problems and did nothing about it. This Morning June 10th, my mother was in the restroom and there was water from the leakage on the floor and she slipped, fell and hit her head causing her excruciating pain from head to toe. She is not able to put full support on her left foot. A resolution to this could be if the Hotel pays off the cost of her seeing a doctor here in Costa Rica, if not this will have to be taken to the US Embassy. Thank You very much.

Jun 10, 2018

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