Quinnsigngwdfc.orgDesire to run a business with person who refuses to do business with me


Hello, I don't know any other way to find answers to my concerns and thought I would give this a try. I was for a short while operating a successful mail order video store, based from my own home, from advertising on various fan sites until a person named Quinn refused to allow me to advertise on his/her website, This website is a fan site of the actor, Geraint Wyn Davies. <br />
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I told Quinn that I had some of Geraint Wyn Davies's movies on dvd for sale and politely asked his permission to advertise on his website, but twice he refused to do so because of policy reasons. I realize that it is not against the law to refuse to do business with someone, but he must realize that it is not against the law to operate a business either. Although the movies are copywrited and customers I have dealt with have been honestly informed about the quality of my work, can I still be prosecuted for selling those movies? <br />
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Like many people, I dealt with a retailer,, and also had the bad experience of getting ripped off by this retailer. After numerous polite emails to them and later threatening to call my credit card company, I eventually got my money back and never bought anything from that store again. I got the idea from them and another dealer I used to do business with to have my own business, which was successful until now. I sincerely hope you can acknowledge my email without prosecuting me. <br />
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Thanks for your time.

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