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One day, I had purchased Quick Heal Total Security by coughing up a lot of money and upgraded from QH Internet Security to Total Security and I found it extremely difficult to use since after putting up a lot of protection options since my computer was getting hacked constantly and email and Facebook were being hacked constantly, I asked Quick Heal for help to just instruct me on how to use the software program since it wasn't user friendly. Soon, their employee, Ms. Mayuri, asked me to allow her to connect to my computer via Remote Support and "help" me but I found her deleting my files as if my computer is her father's property or something. She even took liberties to try and transfer all my files through the Remote Support by pretending to transfer some "Quick Heal tool." Soon after that, I uninstalled QH Total Security and reinstalled Quick Heal Internet Security but ever since, someone has deleted 20, 000 files or more from my computer, disabled the phone numbers on my Facebook account, hacked into my email ID, tried to hack into some other email IDs, disabled my QH Internet Security and now, whenever I connect to the internet, they are trying to make me open my confidential folders and making my computer prompt for my password, etc. even though I have removed all remote support access, etc. and fortified my computer. Quick Heal should be renamed as Quick Steal. No other Antivirus company in the world does this to their customers.

Mar 20, 2017

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