Quickcert - Microsoft Exam, Test / wrong product, just to make a sale

Clearwater, FL, United States

Subject: i request a refund.
I did make a purchase from specialized solutions (known as quickcert ) only for the following reason:
That this online study (and dvd study) can be used by a person in different career (not with any programming background).

The sales person, steven vang, at the time before my order went back to ask 3-4 times.
If this misunderstanding (i hope not a big lie) did not happened i would not be ordering any these on line material.

The following is the time and date i have been in contact with quickcert in attempt to resolve this matter.
….. - did not keep record of the 1st time
11-05-2009 (around) - left a message did not get a call back.
11-24-2009, 12.50 pm - message to main line did not get a call back.
11-24-2009, 1.00 pm - message to steven vang. / ext. 277 did not get a call back.
11-25-2009, 10.44pm - talk to a person, left me cell#, steven vang. will call back.
11-25-2009, 2.10pm - will call back when talk to technical dep. did not get a call back.
not getting any calls back to resolve the problem.
12-02-2009, - discover card, ana. attempt again and call in 24 to 48 hours.
12-02-2009, 1.35pm - steve will call back in 5 min. did not get a call back.
12-02 or 12.03.2009 - 3 calls, quickcert will call me back friday or monday. did not get a call back.
12-16-2009, 12.50p m - discover card, kim, open case# [protected], advised contact quickcert again
12-29-2009, 11.20pm - mat pathan, introduced to me as sales manager, is late for meeting, will call back today, did not get a call back.
Jan-01-2010, 9.30pm - left message, did not get a call back.
Jan-01-2010, 11.30pm - mat pathan, if want to buy something i will help but, no-no on refund, i am a businessman so… as far as i am concern you hit dead end and i cannot authorize it.
Feb-01-2010, 9.36am sahara transfer me to …. (9.48am), an

I wouldn’t purchase microsoft 70-536 from quickcert, if i have not been promised that, quickcert courses are working for absolutely newbie.
All book and courses i come across do require minimum of 2 (two) years of experience programming (c#, vb ...).
I did some research what i need to take mcts 70-536 exam, .net framework application development foundation. i already have some books and all stated at the beginning you need 2 years of experience to be able to use this material.
I was looking for something that will work for me, since i did not have c#, c, c++, java, vb or other developing/ programming experience.
The sales person, st. van g., from quickcert did assure me, after consulting with and expert, they have the right product for me. i was skeptical. since i already own the microsoftpress book and 2 others.
He consulted back several time and like he put it “i am going to ask if this course is for a person who is in different career and is looking to get into .net framework and take 70-536 exam” .
First he promise me 1 free course, that according to him and quickcert experts should be a preparation for been able to use 70-536 course.
I was not convinced, so he give me a 2 second free suppose to be the very basic of what i need it to get ready to use 70-536, which i will buy.

Well i believed mr. st. van g., i did pay, unfortunately, for :
1. microsoft 70-536 ts: microsoft .net framework - application development foundation c#
2. microsoft 70-502 .net framework 3.5 - windows presentation foundation - c#
And, i he let me 2 free lessons that suppose to be a stepping ground to go into mcts 70-536 exam., here there are :
Core foundations of microsoft .net 2.0 development - c# - this is the same like microsoft 70-536 i paid for, but just the older version .net 2.0 . the first 3 to 5 module are word for word the same. may be the same after that.
Microsoft introduction to microsoft .net - is nothing but a sales pitch on all possible certification you can get, but nothing to build up your knowledge on c# so you can use 70-536 .


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