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Queens Borough Public Library / Lost book!

1 Jamaica, United States Review updated:

For over a decade the library campaigned that people should get receipts when they return books. And for good reason, people make mistakes. Now the library refuses to give receipts when books are returned. I must congratulate the library that the clerks and librarians at the Pomonok branch follow the library’s rules perfectly. They would make Max Weber’s hall of fame as the perfect mindless bureaucrats that follow the rules undeviatingly and senselessly to suit the convenience of the library, not the patrons. When I asked to get a receipt when I returned a book today or witness it being zapped returned, they insisted I put the book into the book slot.

I told them after paying $32.95 to pay for In War Times by Kathleen Ann Goonan for item# taken out by Fred xxx15, I was not going to trust that because I put the book into the book slot it would be marked returned. They answered we take out the books every half hour. There is an old saying that if you repeat the same thing, you can expect the same results; it is crazy to think otherwise; and I was not about to trust that just because I put the book into the book slot that it would be marked returned.

I went to the Forest Hills branch where I could witness the book being zapped returned inside the book slot. Then I asked the librarian for a receipt of the books that I still have out. Apparently, you don’t give receipts for books returned anymore; instead they will give you a list of the books that you have out.

Now library has a decision to make, the Pomonk model or the Forest Hills model on how books are returned. Or the library can program the computers to give book receipts return again so neither the library nor the patron has to say “take my word for it.”. As far as I concerned, the library has wasted the taxpayers money in supposedly state of the art machines to charge and return books when bureaucrats follow mindless rules that make no sense and frustrate the intended purpose of the machines. Until the day comes when the library patron can return the books himself personally using one of these machines, perhaps it might be good to go back to the “old fashioned way” of issuing a receipt. No private company could get way with such ill logical thinking or expect to stay in business by treating customers in such a fashion..

Oh, by the way I did send a check for In War Times book via certified mail on March 11, 2008. I have not received the return receipt yet. My friend Fred says his card still shows the book is out.

What will the bureaucratic mind think up next to make things worse...

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  • Ra
      30th of Jul, 2008
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    The same happened to me, I'am currently checking my account and it says that i didn't return "The Return of Superman" which i saw i dropped in the book return slot. I'm not paying for that book!

  • Ch
      27th of Apr, 2012
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    Same here too--this time, at Flushing Queens Branch. I was very naive. I thought that I could talk some sense into them, but not with these militant ones. I had to run through a maze of four different people until after refusing the surcharge of late fees besides the cost of the book. They didn’t care how much I was charged because of their oversight as they confirmed their integrity and fought semantic arguments they created on a word-by-word basis. One suggested that we were in a dispute, I asked where had I written the formal complaint? She decided to fight that too that there was not any formal complaint. The only way I got out of my debt was by letting the third one symbolically cut up my library card just to charge me an extra $2 for it once again if the book they lost through the slot was ever found. No one looked in my face as this occurred, yet the one with the scissors in hand had a nice smirk in satisfaction of her warrior's actions against me--pleasing her own boss to cover herself. My receipt actually had other books loaned out that the lady in charge of everything finally gave me, as she handed it over fighting me about handing it over. Half of them were foreign, maybe they resented me being able to sit for civil exams and reading books of a patriotic nature due to the hostility abroad of our nation--that's my opinion. As the foreigner laughed at cutting up my card--and not in two pieces, but several pieces for a quick minute, I was taken off the list for a national best seller that was patriotic in nature too. I guess I technically also lost my place at that branch, being the only one of my type, patriotic, there.

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