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Queen Street Clinic-Alexandria VA. / Medical service bait and switch

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Before being fully diagnosed I was asked for my credit card and charged $225.00 for a visit that was advertised as $65.oo for an office visit. The owner Anne, claimed thata 2min. swab for strep cost $80.00, and for sitting in her restroom for 15 min. on a nebulizer was another $80.00. I was having trouble with raspy breathing, and heard about this affordable clinic on the local TV news.This was supposedly a clinic for those without medical insurance and was to be low cost. I was writted two prescriptions, and advised to fill them at either Target or Wal-Mart (lower cost). I was the only patient in the clinic and was rushed through the process as if there was a waiting room full of people. Her (Anne's) only response to this exorbitant cost was that it would have been more if I went to an emergrncy room. That cavalier attitude made me want to inform any others that they might want to go to a "regular" doctor and have a more thorough examination. Buyer beware!

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      27th of Nov, 2008
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    I am the founder and owner of the Queen Street Clinic and shocked at this comment.

    I think it is intertesting that when care is provided for many complaints, (which is considered a high level of care) from a sore throat to bronchospams I receive such unfounded negative remarks. However, since I have not heard from this person he/she must have gotten better, and to dispute the charges in not only inappropriate but very unkind.

    I would pose the question: With the prescriptions in hand, and tests run, why did this person not express, to my face, their comments? Does he/she need to go online, after they are better to express this unfounded compalint. Nothing has been stated about their comfort, care and their response to the correct prescriptions written.

    Proper and safe procedures are obtained to provide an appropriate diagnosis, However, this complaint is for the out of pocket expenses with added office testing. I am able to write prescriptions, however not all medications cover for all specific maladies. This is how patients develop resistance to certain medications.

    I am not a pharmacy and many times I need to check rapid cultures or nebulize a patient (to open up their air passages) I do this before I can send he/she out of the clinic, with a safe level of comfort, that he/she will not develop shortness of breath and severe breathing difficulty. I have to pay for the tubing, machine and medicaiton used to open up he/she air passages.

    I charge a nominal fee of $60.00 to be seen, if other charges are made, it is after I have an agreed to plan of care, with the patient, and he/she are happy to be seen in a timely manner. The $60.00 is per office visit, this is not a membership fee and if the person does not respond to this therapy, he/she should return to be re-evaluated. This is standard operating procedures in most office settings. However, when someone does not have health insurance, he/ she does not understand, their is a cost for an office visit, espeically if it has been over two weeks. Which is similar to a co-pay.

    I do not control the costs of medical supplies, nor can I absorb these charges. All charges are explained to the patient prior to being seen. This is the clinic policy.

    If this person so strongly disagreed with the charges that is one complaint, but to be so unkind with costs has nothing to do with good, safe and prudent medical care.

    The clinic charges are much less than the ER and other local clinics. I think it is also very unkind to post something that has no value with medical care.

    Anne Boston Parish, MS, RN, CS, FNP-BC
    Family Nurse Practitioner
    Founder and Owner
    Queen Street Clinic

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      14th of Nov, 2012
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    I was unemployed several years back and became ill. I visited the Queen Street Clinic and received stellar diagnosis and treatment. I found Anne and her assistant to be very patient and attentive and counseled me through my medical condition. I would recommend the clinic to others. I disagree with this complaint because it really demonstrates a lack of understanding of medical costs in American. I don't like the premise of this website because it focuses on complaints. They should rather use an Angie's list model in which users can provide all feedback (good and bad) and ratings. That way readers can obtain both viewpoints and make an informed opinion before visiting a business.

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