Quantum Quests InternationalMisleading ordering option


I ordered a CD today from this firm, as a downloadable mp3. I have dealt with this firm for the last ten years successfully, always, until today.

I completed the on line transaction and was directed to a download webpage. I tried repeatedly to download the files I had paid for but was never able to download the files. Error message was that the files did not exist on the server.

Meanwhile, I received an e-mail, ostensibly from the firm's owner, stating that the download purchase feature I had chosen was only a "test" for their programmers.

In other words, I had paid the firm to run a "test" for their programmers. The firm offered "to send the file to you".

Here is the text of the firm's e-mail:

"I noticed you placed an order for an MP3 download. We are working on the

website to make this feature available and we have been using the title

you ordered as a test for the programmers.

I do not know if that feature is working or not. If you cannot download

the file please let me know and I will send it to you."

Do not order from this firm. A formerly great company to work with has been taken over by "marketing managers" who have no business acumen nor common decency.

Businesses sell product, not use their customers to conduct a routine "test" of webcoding that could be better done on the programmers' workstations.

And then have the audacity to e-mail the wronged customer, saying that they can [actually] send the product if the customer wishes.

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