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They called and said they could invest my money and use a program to make 200% profit per year.
They claimed they had a real track record for year and half. I sent them $5, 000 to invest june 16, 2011
but they didn't invest it . They held it a couple weeks and said they would invest it later. It sounded suspicious
so I tried to get it back . They keep saying they need some time, but it had been 3 weeks since I tried to get it back,
& I am still waiting . I don't trust them & am worried they will keep money & run.

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  • Ma
      Sep 19, 2011

    Dear Sir or Ma'am:
    My name is Mark Reynolds and I am the sales manager for Quantum Investments. I am sorry for the negative experience you had with our company. We are a trading newsletter service that provides trade recommendations for high end clients. We do not ask for an investment, only a subscription fee for our service. We do not invest anyone's money only provide a signal service. If you would like to discuss this issue please call me at 888-236-6636 x539, that is my direct extension.

    Thank you,

    Mark Reynolds

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  • St
      Oct 17, 2011

    Since Quantum wouldn't refund my money, I am trying to use their program to make money .
    I have made over $1, 000 the first week, so maybe the program works & hopefully I will make
    $5, 000 to make up for the fee they tricked me out of .

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  • Je
      Dec 21, 2011
    quantum investments international - Failure to render service
    Quantum Investments International
    United States

    Working through their sales rep., J R Goodman, I negotiated, for a fee, receipt of daily trading recommendations which I planned to trade through my own futures account in lieu of using their recommeded autotrading brokers. Their brokers wanted $15 per side of trade. Since each winning recommendation usually enters two contracts and exits each contract at different price targets, the brokerage commissions would be $45-$60 per day in which trades are placed. I estimate that might eat substantially into potential profits. The company has refused to send me the recommendation emails I paid for. Now that they have my fee, they have turned an about face, claiming I need to use their "recommended" brokers. This is obviously a collusion. I asked for my original fee back, but doubt I will ever see it. They don't return phone calls and never reply to my emails. I certainly would not give their brokers any money to invest because I trust I will never see those funds again. Stay away from this company!!

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  • St
      Apr 04, 2012

    I tried their program for about 5 months & I invested $10, 000 in it & it is now down to $3, 000 . The program is lousy .
    Now JR Goodwin from Quantum sold me another program for a big discount that he said should work much better
    & said I could invest the $3, 000 that was left, but the broker said I need $10, 000 to invest with it.
    So, you can't believe anything from anyone at. Quantum

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