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Quality Discount Outlet / Terrible company

1 668 North Main StreetTooele, UT, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-251-6831

My husband got into a car accident. It was terrible and of course the car we had just barely paid off was totaled. The next day, We went to get another car at Quality Used Cars in Tooele because we no longer had a vehicle. We got a 2004 Hyundai Sonata and we loved it. No money down and a 3 month, 3k warranty.

We were so excited until the next day. The windshield was distorted to the point where we decided we could not see out of it very well. It looks as though someone has taken a paint roller and rolled some clear paint right across where the field of view is. Everyone that gets into the car can see it right away. My car is non-drivable in the morning and in the evening. In the winter, there is not much else but dusk and dawn. Night driving is a gamble because if some one has their brights on, we can't see very well.

A few days later we noticed the car's transmission was acting funny. It has that 'shift on the fly' type of transmission. We took it in because we thought they would be able to fix it, being only a 3 or 4 day deal. They took it in the first time and they said it probably had bad fuel (although they were the ones who put the fuel in). They said to run it all out and refill it again, and they had put a bottle of fuel cleaner in the tank. I was happy with this.

The next day we noticed it was happening again. We took it back in, and they said they would check it out again. They said it was probably bad spark plugs. So they replaced them and it was working fine.

My husband decided a few days later that he wanted to see if we could be approved for another car from the same dealership. My loan had not gone through yet so they sent his information through. We did not know at the time that my loan was not on my credit yet and the bank would think it was our FIRST car loan since the accident. So they sold him a 2006 Pontiac G6. We thought everything was great. we had two cars and we were getting taken care of. So we thought.

A month later, we had just gotten back from a short trip to California. We took the G6. When we got back, we were told the loan did not go through for the Sonata, and we needed 1000 down. At first they said it would be fine about the 1000 dollars as long as the other car deal went through. It seemed to us that they were telling us to forget about the 1000 dollars down on the Sonata. When the deal did not go through on the G6, They want the 1000 down on the Sonata. Now the bank has financed the Sonata and they have lied about receiving the thousand dollars from me. They will not honor the original 3 month 3k warranty that I was given that I added to my car loan. I feel that when they figured out the G6 would not go through, this was the only way they could make money from us. But I wonder if the bank knows that the 1000 dollars was not put down by me, but put down by the dealership. I told them on the phone when I verified my information that I did NOT put any money down.

I was hoping that there would be some way you could tell me what gives them the right to not honor my warranty. My car is parked in their lot waiting to get fixed and now my warranty has ended. They refuse to touch it and they have my keys. Phil at Quality used said he would fix it if we paid him money. It just does not seem fair that I am paying on a car that I can not drive, that is not even in my possession, and that is a danger to the general public. I wonder what UDOT would say.

It gets even better...

When the G5 fell through, we told them they could have it back. We took it all back and gave them the keys. We took the car off our insurance since it was no longer ours. We purchased a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix from another company and were very pleased with it. We have had absolutely no problems.

That is until the loan company got confused. See, the loan company was never made aware that we no longer have the G6 and they thought were were trying to fraud them because two pontiacs showed up under our names. They sent the title back, but they sent back the wrong one. They sent Low book Sales the Title for the G6 back. So apparently Quality in tooele got money from our financial company, and sent the title. Triad has since gotten is sorted out, we THINK, and now the DMV is reporting we have 2 Pontiacs still under our names. They won't do anything about it but give us the run around, and are holding our Sonata for ransom.

We have since called our financial corporation to do a voluntary repossession. What he told me, and I verified with Hyundai, is that the second owner ONLY gets to have a 60, 000 mile power train warranty. My car had 63, 000 miles. I was lied to, cheated, and now my credit is ruined. I will never ever do business with Quality anything in Tooele Utah.


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