Quality 1st Basement Systems / LOCK UP YOUR VALUABLES

1 Allentown, PA, United States

When the installation crew left Friday afternoon, my wife realized her
engagement and wedding rings were missing. We immediately called the
local police and also called Quality 1st Basement's manager, Bob.
Bob implied that my wife must have misplaced the rings. The police,
on the other hand, began an investigation immediately by contacting the
installation crew and questioning them over the telephone. My
wife agonized all weekend over the loss of the rings that she had for 32 years and
Quality 1st's implication that she must have misplaced them. Monday
morning at 6:30am as I was leaving for work, I noticed a prescription medicine
bottle in the driveway and as I was throwing it in the trash I heard a rattle
and saw that there were two rings in the bottle. The police called the
crew in for in-person questioning and one of the workers admitted stealing the
rings and throwing them into the driveway Sunday night. The worker was

After several weeks of not receiving any apology from Quality 1st, I called and
talked to Bob. Bob said that he never followed up with the police about
the result of the investigation and claimed to be completely unaware
that his worker had been arrested. The worker was still employed and
still being sent out to jobs at homes just like yours. Bob promised
to call the local police and confirm things for himself. It's now been
over a month and we still have not received any response from Quality 1st
. No apology for my wife's weekend of distress
over Bob's suggestion that she must have misplaced the rings.
No apology for their employee screening process. They had been paid in
full for the work and apparently that's all that matters to them. Perhaps
they should change their name to Money 1st. DON'T HIRE THEM!

Feb 18, 2014

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