QatarGround Staff refusal to board an aircraft

I booked tickets from Qatar airways for my Mother (56 Years old), Sister (24 Years old), Daughter (2 Years old). Tickets were booked using Qatar airways website. I have attached the e-ticket. Itinerary was
1. NY > Paris (Qatar airways flight operated by American Airlines) - QR
2. Paris > Doha (Qatar Airways) - QR
3. Doha > Ahmedabad (Qatar Airways) - QR
Flight # 1 was delayed. Still it was assured in new york that flight will make up for time lost & next connection wont be missed. After arriving at Paris, my mother, sister with my daughter & 2 carry-on bags were able to reach the gate after running, taking a bus from one terminal to another. Flight did not leave the gate yet. It was there for sometime. But nobody was able to board as Qatar staff was saying they are late. There were another 45 passengers stranded with similar situation asking Qatar staff to help. They saw the flight fly. Connecting gates between flight was not open as well (This would eliminate time to come to arrival & then back to airline gate)
Qatar staff was saying we are not responsible for the delay of flight # 1. So contact american airlines to help you. They were not willing to answer on checked-in baggage as well. luggage was tagged till final destination.
America Airlines staff was not cooperating as well because next connection is from Qatar. At the end my sister started crying after almost 2 hours & they got her flight rescheduled. But still nobody was willing to help her understand what will happen with the luggage.
I was told Qatar is excellent in customer service but I have experienced otherwise.
I would not recommend anyone to fly Qatar ever. You are never assured of what flight you are going to board & need to figure out everything yourself if connecting flight is delayed.
Behaviour of Qatar staff for rude implying passengers were flying the aircraft & they reached late due to their own fault.


Dec 18, 2014

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