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My name is Melina and I usually book my tickets with Qatar Airways to Dubai. I was told that I have a disease and started chemotherapy in Sweden. But I wanted a secound opinion and booked a ticket to Iran to find out if there are other chances of surviving my disease. I have both Swedish passport and Iranian passport. So I booked my ticket to Iran after 18 years on April 20th from Copenhagen, when I was leaving my bag, your employee who was Pakistani forced me to buy a return ticket and asked me why I do not have a visa (I do not need a visa to go to Iran when I have an Iranian passport), then he asked me why I go to the Iran, I told him about my disease and treatment and maybe they can help me in Iran, he laughed at me and told me that everyone goes to Germany for treatment but you go to Iran! he starts to mock me and told me you're sure it's your passport because of my veil. He forced me to buy a return ticket and I ran last minute to fix a return ticket. There were no tickets so I had to buy a ticket with an airline that I never usually go with. I travel either with qatar or emirates whenever I travel.

I was forced to buy my ticket. He also decided that I have to go back to Sweden within 30 days because of a visa which is wrong because I am no stranger in my country. I have an Iranian passport.

I am really sad and will not let go of this because I have been attacked by the employee and his behavior. He forced me to buy a ticket that I did not want but had to, otherwise I could not travel.

I have a referral from doctors in Sweden and now ive booked an appointment in Iran, which means that I will have a referral here when I meet a brain surgeon.

The same day when I bought my return ticket I sent an email to the other airline but they dont want to give my money back.

I will report this and would like to forward this to someone responsible for Qatar airways.

Apr 30, 2017

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